In Irish folklore, May 11th (the original May Day) & November 11th (the original Samhain) celebrates the Lunantishee Fairies & honors the sacred Blackthorn Tree. The Blackthorn Tree is a mysterious & magical tree with duality; on the one side, it is a symbol for strength & protection, but it is also a trickster if crossed. It is protected by the Lunantishee Fairies, mischevious spirits that guard the sloes of the Blackthorn. During May 11th & November 11th, the Lunantishees permit no one to cut or forage from the Blackthorn & will bring ill will to anyone who does so during these times. In Irish tradition, people often leave cake, ale, or butter & milk out on the front step or windowsill of their homes as an offering & to avert any mischevious behavior from the Lunantishees. If you have a Blackthorn Tree on your property & leave these offerings out, it is said the Lunantishees will bring you future Blackthorn blessings.

Fairies are often known for their duality, as well, bringing both blessings & tricks to the physical realm. If mistreated or offended, fairies will steal items or cause bad luck to those who wronged them. If welcomed with offerings & care for their natural homes, fairies will bring blessings & good luck with them. During May Day, Lunantishee, & Midsummer Eve, people often leave out offerings of milk, butter, honey, ale, cakes, or other sweets out as a way to welcome the fairies into the physical realm. Some will even leave blessings or wishes out for them to fulfill, as well. 

Along with leaving milk & sweets, you can also lay out blackberries & daisies to attract the good luck & blessings of the fairies. Leaving out emeralds, peridot, or jade with your offerings will help attract the fairies, but most of the time fairies are always hanging out between realms at sacred trees like the Blackthron, Hawthorn, Ash, Alder, Willow, Misteltoe, & Oak which are believed by Celtics to be doorways to the Otherworld & are therefore some of the most sacred Celtic trees. Trees with a ring of mushrooms nearby are said to be direct gates to the Otherworld or fairy realm & should be protected or avoided.

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