As I mentioned in the previous post, there are so many ways you can celebrate Beltane & honor the sacred fire. Below are 4 different rituals from our Beltane sets + a bonus ritual not in our Sabbat pages that you can practice today at home!

BLESSING THE SACRED BONFIRE for ringing in blessings of abundance & growth for the summertime 

You will need: Bonfire, Wicker Man or Poppet, & Piece of paper

Write down that which you are wanting to attract on the piece of paper. Roll up the paper & tie it to the Wicker Man or Poppet. You can then throw the poppet into the bonfire & say something like: "I offer this to the Earthly & divine creatures! Please bring to me blessings of abundance, joy, & warmth during the summer months. Blessed be this sacred flame!" When your bonfire is out, consider saving some of the ashes or burnt wood int a small jar to keep on your altar throughout the season as a reminder of that which you wish to attract.

BELTANE CANDLE BLESSING for inspiring balance, creative passion, & strength You will need: 1 Red Candle & 1 Yellow Candle, Ground Herbs like Orange Peel, Birch Bark, Rose, & Calendula                      

Roll the candles in the ground herbs, until coated. Place the candles side by side, or intertwine them if they are bendable. Meditate on that which you want to focus on in your growth during the Beltane season. You may want to write these things down prior to your ritual. For instance, what ideas are you wanting to come into fruition? How will you focus & get yourself to the actuality of those ideas? What emotional energy do you want to transform? Is there something you need to let go, so that you can let something new in? Think about these things while focusing intently on the candle flames. You can also say something, like: “To the Moon, to the Sun! To the Gods of the land! Bring to me, my home & hearth, balance of the masculine in its strength & prowess, & the feminine in its creative & fertile energies. Ignite the fire in my gut, that which burns into my heart, sparks my mind, & lights my spirit. Elevate me with the blooming of the earth & the passion of Beltane. Beltane Blessings! Blessed be!”  

INVOKING BEL to enhance vitality, & virility; for blessings of light & wisdom 

You will need: Bright Incense with Citrus &/or Floral Scents 

Burn the incense under the sun at dawn to honor the God of Light, Bel. Take several deep breaths & focus on your intentions. What do you wish for Danu & Bel to bestow upon you? You can say something like:Mighty Lord Bel, radiant one! Great goddess, lady of the water & of the woods! I call to you this Beltane to ask for your wisdom & light, your blessings & guidance in…” Let the candles burn & bury any remnants in the earth.  


Traditionally, Beltane was held at the first full moon after the flowering of the Hawthorn. The Hawthorn tree is sacred to the goddess as maiden, mother, & crone. The blossom represents her maiden side; the berries, as the mother; & is protected by the thorns of the crone, ensuring only those worthy of her love may enter beneath the sacred tree & achieve fruitfulness. Hawthorn trees are also considered trees of the faeries & that only friends of faeries may safely cut its wood & only ever with permission. Hawthorn is also associated with the heart chakra & is often used medicinally for heart disease.    

MAY DAY BLESSING RITUAL for asking for blessings & protection from the fairies or your ancestors 

You will need: piece of linen or ribbon about ¼ inch wide & 1 Hawthorn thorn or thorn from another sacred tree, like Oak or Birch – You can also perform this ritual directly on a sacred tree. Dip the ribbon into spring water to dampen it, while focusing on your intentions. Tie the ribbon around the Hawthorn thorn, while vocalizing your intentions to the sacred tree. You can something like: “Sacred Hawthorn! Tree of the Faeries! Tree of my ancestors! Healer of the heart! I call upon you to […]. Blessed be your magic!” Leave the thorn on your altar to enhance blessings & magic during rituals.  

CHARM BAG RITUAL for inspiring love, joy, & connection 

You will need: Bay Leaves, Cinnamon Stick, Dried Flowers & Blooms 

Write down that which you attract onto the Bay Leaves. Place them in a red drawstring bag or pouch along with the Cinnamon Stick & the dried flowers & blooms. Carry the bag with you or hang on your altar to enhance the attracting magick & as a reminder of your wishes.  

*All rituals can be altered as necessary. Always pratice your magic safely & with the consent of any others involved.